Clean Energy Precinct
South Australia


Petratherm's Clean Energy Precinct plans to deliver 600 MW of power to the large growth market in electricity driven by mining developments in the north-west of South Australia.

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The Precinct is to initially comprise gas and wind and later solar power generation facilities and subsequently to incorporate geothermal power connections and is tailored to meet the needs of mining customers in the north-western part of South Australia.


The Precinct, strategically located, provides:


•     exclusive access to over 1,800 sq kms of land for power generation

•     access to the Paralana geothermal exploration licences (GELs) that cover 1,900 sq kms

•     closest point to the "on-grid" market where there is a "convergence" of gas, wind, solar and geothermal.


It is planned to develop 600 MW of power generation to meet the demand expected to be created over the next 5-6 years from large mining developments in the region.


The Precinct is estimated at having a capital cost of around $1.5 billion and is expected to be a major contributor to the reduction of the national and state CO² emissions through its unique market offering.


Plans are under way to install a number of meteorological masts across the Precinct with anemometers and pyrometers to accurately measure the wind and solar resources.




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