Role of AGEA

AGEA is the national industry body representing the Australian Geothermal Energy Industry - geothermal energy has the potential to increasingly provide both:

•  a low cost, emissions-free baseload of reliable and secure energy for the national market over the next decade; and
•  a reliable, low-cost source of heat to drive energy efficiency and industrial applications.

AGEA and its members work with all Australian Governments, the academic community, relevant scientific organisations and the media to promote information about the progress of the industry and its capabilities.

AGEA seeks to assist government develop prudent policy mechanisms that enable all forms of emissions free energy to increasingly penetrate the national energy market in line with climate change and energy security policy goals that are in the national interest.

AGEA's membership comprises of major geothermal energy project developers, direct heat equipment suppliers and service providers to the industry.

AGEA's Mission Statement

To foster and accelerate the development and commercialisation of Australia's geothermal energy resources by:

•  Clearly and accurately articulating the advantages of geothermal energy and the progress of the industry;
•  Co-operating across the industry to develop, collect, improve and disseminate information about geothermal energy; and
•  Developing good and constructive relationships with government, the investment community and the broader Australian community.

Terry Kallis is Chairman of AGEA and was recently appointed as AGEA's representative to the AEMC's Stakeholder Committee Review of Australia's Energy Market (in light of Climate Change policies and the renewable energy target).










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